The story of The Brothers begins around a crackling fire in the infamous glass teepee, where a small group of musicians and friends would gather and play; the “brothers in farms” they called themselves back then… Aided by musical influences ranging from the Gypsy kings to Panamanian calypso-reggae, with a dash of Beruit and Sufjan Stevens, The Brothers stumbled upon a sound and style that would act as the foundation of their music in the years to come.

With the band growing in number, original music now reverberating through the forest and the word getting around, The Brothers decided it was time to take their music to the stage. Spending the winter in an old farmhouse on the Sunshine Coast, led to the summer 2013 release of the first full-length genre hopping record from the band “Book I: Passion”. And the brothers have been riding the wave of creativity and energy since then.

Two and half years after the first chords met the first drum shots, The Brothers have three full length records and 60+ shows under their belts. This eclectic group of men are committed to spreading their infectious and danceable music widely- performing at a variety of festivals, farmers markets, clubs and private parties both on the Sunshine Coast and farther afield. Picking up new members and influences along the way, this five-piece peoples band is in full swing, showing no signs of stopping let alone slowing down. The moral of the story: The Brothers are out to prove that having fun, loving what you do and stylistic diversity light the fire that feeds their genre hopping party music; music that clearly has what it takes to get the crowds to join the party, sing along and pack the dance floor.