Strategies for reducing garden maintenance

>> Margaret Hantiuk

Spring is just around the corner! That has us thinking about what we are going to plant in our gardens. Here are some tips for our neighbours in Fernwood’s food hub.

Here are some simple hints to make the task easier. They are simple ideas that if followed, make a huge difference in having […]

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Our Allies: The pollinators and beneficials

>> Margaret Hantiuk

This time of year, with fruit trees beginning to bloom and as we are planting our veggie gardens, it is a good time to think of our gardening allies: the ones we take for granted because they do their jobs freely, and without supervision. I mean the birds and bees. Without bees, the […]

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Winterizing the garden

>> Margaret Hantiuk

This fall, don’t be so quick to rake your leaves up and give them away to the municipality to compost: save them for your own leaf mold, one of the best soil enhancers – for free I now rake leaves off of my lawn, sidewalks and patio straight onto my garden beds! I […]

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The scoop in worms

›› Margaret Hantiuk

I recently chatted with master composter, certified organic land care professional, and certified horticultural therapist David Greig, who has been “farming” red wriggler composting worms for over 25 years, in addition to teaching at Camosun College. These little workers (also called “tiger worms,” “brandling worms,” or more properly, Eisenia foetida) digest organic matter […]

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Trends in Tending

>> Margaret Hantiuk

Looking back over 10 years of my Garden Gleanings column for the Village Vibe, I am thinking of the ways that gardening is trending here in Fernwood (and all over):

Going organic: We realize that every backyard that goes organic and stops using pesticides and herbicides mean less poisons going into the air, soil, […]

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Rainwater collection and storage

›› Margaret Hantiuk

With our rainy winters, local gardeners soon find out that there is not really a water shortage here; but with our dry summers, we do need lots of water, and the issue is a storage problem. The ideal solution is a large cistern (100 gallon minimum) hooked up to your roof downspouts. It […]

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Feed the soil; not just the plant

When life gives you leaves, make leaf mold. When life gives you food scraps and ­garden clippings, make ­compost.

›› Margaret Hantiuk

Recently I attended an interesting course on soil science at our Compost Education Centre. I was reminded how important autumn is to gardening here in Victoria.

We have the opportunity to build up our garden soil […]

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