Spring Soil Prep

›› Alysha Punnett

Happy spring gardening season, everyone! Many of you will be underway in your gardens already, but here are a few tips to get your garden started off right.

Cover Crops

Now is the time to chop your cover crops if you haven’t already. For backyard ­gardeners, it can be difficult to dig in all that […]

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Cover cropping for the backyard garden

›› Alysha Punnett

Cover crops provide the same benefits as other mulches like straw, but are extra beneficial because they are living (see our Factsheet #7). The active root zone of the plant cycles nutrients and minerals, keeping them in the planting zone of your soil instead of washing away with the winter rains. The roots […]

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Cold weather composting

Seasonal tips from Compost Education Centre’s Site ­Manager and Community ­Education Coordinator

›› Alysha Punnett

Fall is a great time of year for ­composting. Compost ingredients are abundant as you put the garden to bed, dried leaves are plentiful and things have all winter to slowly break down into your spring soil ­amendment. Below are some tips […]

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Managing mildew in the organic garden

›› Alysha Punnett

Powdery mildew crops up at this time of year and is often perplexing to gardeners. Isn’t it too hot and dry for fungi to thrive?! Well, while the weather may feel hot and dry, there actually is enough moisture in the air for mildew to get around. This is why fungal issues are […]

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Strategies for reducing garden maintenance

>> Margaret Hantiuk

Spring is just around the corner! That has us thinking about what we are going to plant in our gardens. Here are some tips for our neighbours in Fernwood’s food hub.

Here are some simple hints to make the task easier. They are simple ideas that if followed, make a huge difference in having […]

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Our Allies: The pollinators and beneficials

>> Margaret Hantiuk

This time of year, with fruit trees beginning to bloom and as we are planting our veggie gardens, it is a good time to think of our gardening allies: the ones we take for granted because they do their jobs freely, and without supervision. I mean the birds and bees. Without bees, the […]

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Winterizing the garden

>> Margaret Hantiuk

This fall, don’t be so quick to rake your leaves up and give them away to the municipality to compost: save them for your own leaf mold, one of the best soil enhancers – for free I now rake leaves off of my lawn, sidewalks and patio straight onto my garden beds! I […]

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