Top 3 free things to do in Fernwood coming up

Check out these great events happening on our neighbourhood in the next couple months…
1) Sunset Market in the Square
Wednesdays in ­September, 4:30 – 7:30pm, Fernwood Square
// Shop for fresh, local fruits and ­veggies and value added food products while enjoying live local music

›› Phoenix Bain

The Oaklands Sunset Market has made its mark in Victoria as […]

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Oaklands Sunset Market returns

>> Phoenix Bain

Returning for the 7th season in the heart of Oaklands, the Oaklands Sunset Market begins on June 28th for ten weeks at the Oaklands Community Centre.

Creating a community gathering space since its modest beginnings in 2011, the Market has solidified itself as a Wednesday evening staple providing the neighbourhood with access to local […]

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It’s time we talked about Oaklands

Community Needs Assesment coming up

›› Hazel Lyder

We at the Oaklands ­Community ­Association want to deepen our ­understanding of how we can contribute to making Oaklands a better place to live. Yes, we know lots of things are already working really well and we will definitely spend some time acknowledging the ‘good’ but let’s also think […]

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Hey, lighten up a little

>> Hazel Lyder

Many of us have so much. So much that we feel somehow vaguely or overtly oppressed by it all: our stuff a burden that anchors us uncomfortably in a place, or in the past, something to trip over, to dust.

And now we find ourselves once again at the Season of Giving. How many […]

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Pumpkin Spice and Pilates – The many joys of October

>> Allieren Ward

October, what a beautiful time of the year. We get to swap our summer clothes out for cozy sweaters and scarves. The chaotic bliss of summer is behind us as we work some semblance of balance into our lives.

At Oaklands Community Centre, October is a bit different; it’s a very busy time for us. All […]

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Does Oaklands need a community garden?

>> Ben Clark

While boulevard gardens are a common thing in and around Oaklands, there is currently no community garden in the neighbourhood. A survey was done recently to ask residents if they support the Oaklands Community Association working toward building a community garden, and what type of garden they would like to see.

Gardens in parks […]

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