Masala is a world drum and percussion band from Victoria whose music is inspired by traditional rhythms of West Africa, Haiti, Cuba, Brazil and the Middle East.

The band started as an ad hoc group of percussionists from a wide range of musical inspirations who came together to accompany political demonstrations, parades and rallies.  Since that time, Masala has evolved into a focused and professional band that infuses local events and festivals with a dynamic rhythm experience.

The band is honored to have members who are committed students and teachers of these musical traditions.  Instrumentation consists of surdo, repinique, snare, timbau, agogo bell, tambourim, shakers, shekere, kenkeni and cuica.  The diversity of these musical sources and this unique combination of instruments ensure an exceptional and distinctive sound that will raise the energy of any event.

Masala’s goal is to use music to bring people together in celebration of community and common cultural values.  Audience interaction and participation have become essential aspects of a Masala performance. Playing with mobile instruments gives the band liberty to connect and move with the audience on the same level.