1310 Gladstone Construction Information

1310 Gladstone Avenue RenderingIn 2011, Fernwood residents told the Neighbourhood Visioning Forum that a healthy and vibrant neighbourhood centre needs a variety of businesses and ­residential units. We listened, and we are adding commercial space and housing in a new building right in Fernwood Village.

When complete, 1310 Gladstone will be a neighbourhood-owned asset with:

• Four units of market-based affordable housing
• Several commercial spaces
• A sunny sidewalk terrace
• Modo car share memberships included for tenants
• A style that complements the Cornerstone and other historic buildings
Demolition and construction are unavoidably noisy and ­disruptive in ways that will temporarily impact our cozy Village. To manage the construction, Fernwood NRG has selected Knappett Projects Inc., a highly reputable Victoria-based business. Fernwood NRG and Knappett will be working hard to minimize ­impacts during the ­construction phase and ensure we are following City bylaws.

Fernwood is a fantastic neighbourhood, and new commercial space will give us even more ways to enjoy our village. Your patience is greatly ­appreciated ­during construction.


Activity on Site Start Date Finish Date Neighbourhood impact and efforts to mitigate
Removal of rotten tree March March Safely removing the rotten tree will be noisy and will disrupt traffic and parking on Gladstone Avenue.  Personnel will direct traffic as needed.
Demolition and excavation March May An excavator will demolish the old house and begin moving dirt. This will be noisy and will require some heavy traffic to the site. Demolition bins will be coming and going for the remainder of this phase.
Concrete work May June During the construction of the concrete formwork there will be limited disruption to neighbours aside from construction noise and delivery traffic. There will be noise during times when concrete pump trucks are at the site.
Framing /Masonry June July The framing and masonry work will create modest noise. There will be more workers on site.
Siding July August A scaffold will be erected with netting to ensure no debris falls away from the building.
Electrical April October At some point, the front sidewalk will be removed to transfer power cables underground.
Mechanical April November At some point, the connections to sewer and water will be carried out by the City of Victoria and may cause disruptions to street traffic.
Finishing August November This is the busiest period as many trades are working on site. Subcontractors will be asked to carpool to site and not use street parking where possible. Most of the work will be inside so noise will be limited.
Anticipated Completion  December 2017 We get to enjoy the new building!


To see a complete plan and an overview of our proposal, click here.