North Park & Fernwood need more green space

›› Sarah Murray, North Park Neighbourhood Association Executive Director

This month, in celebration of Earth Day, let’s talk about parks! We are fortunate to have so many parks in Victoria but in many neighbourhoods—including Fernwood & North Park—there aren’t nearly enough.

A 2020 study of four Canadian cities found that equity deserving neighbourhoods have less access to […]

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Native plants for native bees

Meet Withbloom ­Pollinator Gardens

›› Myriam Parent

Have you ever looked closely at who ­pollinates your cucumbers and tomatoes in the summer? Who hangs around the fragrant lavender blooms by the Fernwood Community Centre? Beloved bees, yes, but what kind of bees?

A while back, in response to the ­initial pandemic lockdown, I started my first boulevard garden […]

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Spring steps in the garden

›› Kayla Siefried

Gardening is becoming even more of an important way to build resiliency in our lives. Just a salad from your garden every couple weeks, and you are a bit more resilient to unpredictable (and often less ­environmentally sustainable) supply chains that are vulnerable to conflict, climate change, and pandemic. If you don’t have […]

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Fernwood General Store now open

The new store on the block

›› Lauren Gaultier

Fernwood General Store has now ­officially opened at 1308 Gladstone Ave in the former space of Aubergine. For those who were fans of Aubergine’s ­selection of South African and kosher foods, have no fear, your favourite items will continue to be stocked at Fernwood General Store. Purchased through […]

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What’s going on in your community?

Arts, events, ­development, and membership!

›› Kathryn Juricic, Fernwood Community Association Board of Directors

Bustling away behind the scenes, the Fernwood Community Association is ­flourishing with collaborations, volunteers, events, and conversation. Committees have been established and are making headway on a thriving arts and culture scene, having dialogue about what’s happening in our neighbourhood, and dialing in […]

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Uncomfortable truths in a crisis

›› Paul Taylor

It’s been an exhausting few weeks.

As we continue navigating a pandemic recovery, coupled with skyrocketing housing and food prices, we are also witnessing a humanitarian crisis unfold before our eyes.

The situation in Ukraine has left me grappling with uncomfortable truths.

Like the way that protest is treated as either righteous or unrighteous, depending on […]

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Earth Day and climate justice

›› Chantille Viaud

Last year an atmospheric heat dome ­demonstrated, in a single day of extreme heat, what the impacts of climate change look like for people living all across B.C., not just in flood or wildfire-affected areas. And the people most affected by it were the people least likely to be able to afford a […]

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