The Gift of Good Food’s Online Silent Auction

Right now Fernwood NRG is hosting an online silent auction which ends promptly at 12:00 pm, December 18th, 2020. Goal of the silent auction is raise money for the Gift of Good Food Fundraiser. This annual fundraiser raises funds to support local families across the CRD access fresh produce every two weeks for an entire […]

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The Gift of Good Food’s impact on our community

Fernwood-based fundraiser supports families with fresh food for a year

›› Melissa Faye Reid

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to work with ­Fernwood NRG is because of Gift of Good Food annual holiday fundraiser. The aim of the fundraiser is to raise funds to ­support local families within the Greater ­Victoria community access fresh produce […]

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New mural celebrates local ecology

›› Laura Benoit

If you’ve strolled down Gladstone Avenue by Fernwood Road recently, you may have noticed something new sprawled across the brick wall next to ­Studio 1313. This mural from self-taught Victoria-based artist Collin Elder was ­completed at the end of September.

Elder, who studied wildlife biology, made the transition to art after working in ecological […]

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Moving forward

›› Mark Dusseault, the Belfry Theatre

Like many, the Belfry has had to adapt to our unusual circumstances and ­reimagine our work going forward. Since March of this year we have run through several options and schedules while trying to maintain our presence.

Throughout the fall we have ­presented weekly online events including our ­perennially popular storytelling […]

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All-Candidates Debate and Municipal By-Election

›› Alieda Blandford

All-Candidates Debate – December 1st, 2020

The Fernwood Community ­Association, together with North Park, Burnside Gorge, Downtown, Vic West, Oaklands, South Jubilee, and Hillside Quadra, are ­collaborating to host an All-Candidates Debate ahead of the Victoria By-Election. The debate will take place on Tuesday, December 1st, at 7:00pm via Zoom and Facebook Live. Find […]

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Faces of Fernwood: Rik Leaf

›› Brett Gaylor

Over the last 20 years, Rik Leaf has ­produced CDs, TV shows, short films, a travel series, podcasts & worked on ­productions for Metallica, Bryan Adams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Whose Line is it Anyway?. He is the Creative Director for Tribe of One and the author of Four Homeless Millionaires – […]

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Freedom is alive

›› Kevin Yee-Chan, Fernwood Yoga Den

And it’s right here, in your heartbeat and your community.

With words like restriction, quarantine, mandatory, and closure becoming part of our everyday vocabulary, it’s no wonder that many are feeling a tightening of fear or anxiety: a contraction.

Initially, it’s easy to perceive this contraction as a force that binds us… […]

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