What is ripe at Springridge Common?

Medlar- Mespilus germanica

This fruit will be ready to harvest once the first frost occurs, around the beginning of November.  Before they are ready to eat, medlars must go through the ‘bletting’ process. What is bletting you ask?
‘[Medlars] become edible after being softened, ‘bletted’, by frost, or naturally in storage given sufficient time. Once softening begins […]

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Currently in Bloom at Spring Ridge Common



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Gonzo in Springridge Common

>> Raul Nesta Renaud

As if out of nowhere, a mystical herb spiral sprung from the ground within Springridge Commons last week. Bewildered Fernwoodians questioned about the mysterious event could only proffer vague befuddled hypothesis as to how a herb spiral could arise from the terra. One scarlet-eyed gentleman insisted it was the work of none […]

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