Enjoy a fabulous Drag Hour brought to you by four local legends: Chaz Avery, Henrietta Dubét, Honey Dewme, and Peaches N Screams!

Chaz Avery

Sometimes Carebear, sometimes Godfather, always charming: Drag King Chaz Avery has been making a name for himself in the Left Coast Drag Collective scene since his debut in March of 2016 with his energetic live performances, and also by producing & hosting the well-loved King Fling extravaganzas, ManCrush Mondays, and various other events throughout the city.

Henrietta Dubét

Described by many as “an attractive woman who has children or is in early middle age,” Henrietta Dubét is here to defy stereotypes and show you that you can have your cake and sit on it too. Boisterous and bouncy, Henny is going to berate you in a beautiful way and you’re going to love it!

Honey Dewme

To say that Honey Dewme is a busy bee is a bit of an understatement – she is the editor in chief and sole subscriber to Vague Magazine, the hard working eternally single mom of 2.68 children, the greatest Dutch export since wind and The Vengaboys and of course: your favourite fruit. Always breaking barriers and ribs – Honey Dewme is here to give you mispronunciations, “dance” moves and to leave you feeling confused and urethral.

Peaches N Screams

She’s a boss and she’s here to serve high energy bimbo realness. Your favourite stoned fruit is always bringing the mischief, the mayhem, and everything in between.