In 2005, Fernwood NRG drafted a Declaration of Principles and Values. The following eleven statements are our promise to the residents of Fernwood:

  1. We are committed to creating a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable neighbourhood;
  2. We are committed to ensuring neighbourhood control or ownership of neighbourhood institutions and assets;
  3. We are committed to using our resources prudently and to becoming financially self-reliant;
  4. We are committed to the creation and support of neighbourhood employment;
  5. We are committed to engaging the dreams, resources, and talents of our neighbours and to fostering new links between them;
  6. We are committed to taking action in response to neighbourhood issues, ideas, and initiatives;
  7. We are committed to governing our organization and serving our neighbourhood democratically with a maximum of openness, inclusivity and kindness;
  8. We are committed to developing the skills, capacity, self-worth, and excellence of our neighbours and ourselves;
  9. We are committed to focusing on the future while preserving our neighbourhood’s heritage and diversity;
  10. We are committed to creating neighbourhood places that are vibrant, beautiful, healthy, and alive; and, most of all,
  11. We are committed to having fun!

We strive to uphold these Principles & Values every day, and report back to the neighbourhood annually on how we have done so.