Breastfeeding Solutions is on Tuesdays from 10:00am to noon starting September 10, 2019. Free, please register at

Breastfeeding Solutions is a 90-minute group medical visit shared by 3 to 5 mothers and babies. During the session, each mother has a chance to meet privately with Dr. Jennifer Wickens for a breastfeeding medicine consultation. Eva Bild, breastfeeding educator, provides expert help with latching and breastfeeding methods. There is an opportunity for discussion and questions.

We believe each family is unique, complex and dynamic, that mothers given quality information will create the best solutions for their particular challenges. We strive to support each mother in attaining their personal breastfeeding goals by providing health information based on current credible science, suggesting practical breastfeeding strategies, and creating a safe, caring place to share struggles and successes