Nobody’s Perfect is on Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm at the Fernwood Community Centre. It’s a free program. Register at the front desk of the Fernwood Community Centre.

Nobody’s Perfect is a facilitated parenting program for parents of children from birth to age five. The goal of Nobody’s Perfect is to improve participants ’capabilities to maintain and promote the health of their zero- to five-year-old children.

Nobody’s Perfect is based on a few simple beliefs:

  • Parents love their children and want to be good parents. They want their children to be healthy and happy. Nobody is born knowing how to be a parent. All parents need information and support. Being part of a supportive group can help parents to recognize their strengths and understand their needs.
  • Helping parents to meet their own needs is an important step in helping them to meet their children’s needs.
  • Parents appreciate practical, positive, and inexpensive ideas and approaches.