Born to musician parents and raised on Canada’s eccentric Salt Spring Island, Iminah Kani was destined for an artistic life of music. As a student of flamenco guitar studying with Gareth Owen, she blends this tradition with various genres such as finger picking, bossa nova and folk-noir alongside layered guitar sounds creating experimental soundscapes .Gareth Owen is a talented guitarist from Canada’s West Coast and is one of the few privileged North Americans born into the world of Flamenco. From an early age he has been immersed in the rhythms of Flamenco, performing professionally alongside his family and the Alma de España Flamenco Dance Company. Gareth is constantly pushing himself to the very edge of his music and, within the compás, redefining that edge. Gareth Owen and Iminah Kani blend the traditions of Flamenco guitar with their own passionate styles, using the guitar as a vehicle to express a unique sonic language. Together they form an experience of raw intensity and duende.