Gift of Good Food Fundraising Teams are integral to our fundraising initiative.

Teams are groups of motivated people who get together to set fundraising goals and blow them out of the water! This is a fun opportunity for families, offices, sports teams, and groups of friends to come together to use their creativity, build relationships, and contribute to a meaningful cause. We are SO grateful for every team that signs up and here to support you every step of the way.

This year we are hoping to raise a total of $150,000 which provides 200 families with fresh food for all of 2024 every two weeks. We are also celebrating our 10 year anniversary of this campaign!! With your help as a fundraising team, we could break the $1,000,000 all time donation mark for this fundraiser!

Deadline to sign up a team: Monday, December 11, 2023


Gift of Good Food Teams


How it works:

  1. Build your team! Ask friends, family, co-workers, or any humans in your world to be involved (pets as honorary members are welcome!)
  2. Create team name & select a team photo you’d like to use on your page (photo must be square). Extra points for creativity!
  3. Set a fundraising goal. Talk to your team to set a goal that feels achievable, but also exciting. Consider setting a stretch goal if you reach your target before the fundraiser is over. Teams can raise anywhere from $100 to $7,900! Every dollar is appreciated.
  4. Register your team using the form below…
  5. Once registered, your fundraising team page will be created and you’ll be emailed a link to share. Here’s an example of a previous Fundraising Team Page (shoutout to Orca Book Publishers for being fundraising rockstars!). Anyone can donate directly through your Team page, and as you fundraise the amount will be automatically updated so you can track your goals.
  6. Get creative! What strengths and skills does your team possess? How can you get the word out and start directing people to your fundraising page? Some past examples of team activities have included: short promotional videos shared to social media, Zoom talent shows, outdoor busking, soup drives, raffles and more!

Questions? Email

Sign up as a team:

Thank you so much for being a part of The Gift of Good Food Holiday Fundraiser! We will be in touch as soon as possible with more information and your personal Fundraising Team donation page.

We couldn’t do this campaign without the support of our community and fundraising teams. Thank you for your efforts, we are cheering for you!

For more information, please contact