Over the last two years, Jaya has increasingly focused on original projects – Wise Child and her self-titled solo Project JAYA.  In 2018, Jaya was selected to partake in Banffs Singer Songwriter residency, which was the final push to pursue her solo career, and record a selection of songs written over the last few years.

JAYA recorded her debut solo album “Everybody’s Getting Married” last year at Infinity Studios in Victoria, BC with Chicago’s Damian Wiseman. Her first single, Maybe is comes out June 14th, and is the first single off the EP. It’s a slow burn, worth the wait. Her sound is melancholic yet quirky, touching yet dissonant, refreshing and familiar. It’s going to grow on you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jayabremer

Website: https://jayabremer.com