Fernwood NRG welcomes the Parsonage Café!

We have bittersweet news—the Cornerstone Café has been sold. At the end of the month, the good people of the Parsonage Café are closing their doors on North Park and coming to Fernwood.

First, so many thanks to our amazing staff who have made the Cornerstone so welcoming—and to all the staff over the past twelve years who have served nearly a million coffees to Fernwoodians.  And second, so many thanks to you, our neighbours and friends who supported neighbourhood business and brought the laughter and passion Fernwood is famous for.

We can’t take all of the credit, but Fernwood is thriving—a big shift from 2005 when the Village was at a real low point. Back then business turnover was very high, the Cornerstone Building was boarded-up and derelict. No one else would take the risk on our village—and so, with the enthusiastic support of the neighbourhood, Fernwood NRG bought the Cornerstone Building.

Our café was a stake in the ground, a meeting place for the neighbourhood to regrow.

Now there are shops and restaurants in the village that would have been hard to imagine 15 years ago. A new building is taking shape, and the old buildings are looking better than ever. We think we can step away from the day-to-day work of the café and devote our attention to the long-term projects and neighbourhood advocacy that Fernwoodians have asked for.

We feel very happy to pass the torch to people who live in Fernwood and have run the much-loved Parsonage Café for so many years. The doors will re-open soon, perhaps as early as February 1.

It has been a great pleasure to serve our neighbours and work with such fantastic co-workers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.