There are two options for offering courses at the Fernwood Community Centre:

1. Your course is offered as one of Fernwood Community Centre’s programs

Your program details appear in the City of Victoria – Active Living Guide (subject to deadlines: May for Fall/Winter issue, December for Spring/Summer issue) and on our website, we take registration & payment for you then we split the total registration fees 60/40. We choose together the course dates, course times, and participant fees.

The requirements for this option include:

  • Teacher certification relevant to your specific offering (ie. Yoga teacher certification)
  • Third party insurance ($3 million policy)
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Administration Fee of $60 (non-refundable)
  • Damage Deposit of $250 (cheque held on file)

It is also important to note that promotion/marketing of the course is your responsibility. The program will not automatically attract participants simply because it is being offered at a Community Centre. You will need to promote your course/program extensively yourself in order to attract participants.

Please also be aware that the 60% share of participant fees are paid to the program organizer/teacher at the end of the term (i.e. for Fall term Sep-Dec, payment would be made in early January).

If you feel that you would like to offer a 60/40 Program, please call 250-381-1552 ext.100 to discuss availability and scheduling.

The current Fall/Winter Active Living Guide is viewable here.


2. You could rent space from us

In this case you would be responsible for advertising, registration & taking payments. If you would like to rent a room outright, please call 250-381-1552 ext.100 to discuss availabilities and scheduling.

Rental rates are available here.