Neko Smart:

Neko Smart is a Grade 12 student at Victoria High School and captain of the award-winning Vic High Slam Poetry Team. She is active in her community, including performing in Theatre Skam’s summer 2018 production of Concord Floral, organizing competition fundraisers for the Vic High Slam Team, and volunteering with youth education programs. As a youth activist, Neko aims to inspire by diverging from convention and embracing her differences. She strives to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness. Poetry as a means of creative expression enables her to process the world through the lens of her anxiety disorder.


Elliot Scott-Bigsby:

Elliot Scott-Bigsby is a grade 12 student at Victoria High School and a Fernwood local. She has been a member of the Vic High Slam Poetry Team for two years, after Neko Smart insisted she join. Despite initial hesitance, spoken word poetry became her means of self-expression and her method of coping with the difficulties of life, as well as a wonderful way of connecting to a larger poetry community. Elliot performs to express both personal and political issues, with prominent feminist themes in most of her pieces, with the hopes of spreading awareness about the topics discussed. In competitive poetry, Elliot has competed with Victoria High School on both an island level at Victorious Voices and provincial level, at Hullabaloo, helping to win the south island competition two years in a row. After graduation, she is eager to pursue Slam Poetry in Montreal’s growing poetry scene.