The New Souls are a high-energy indie soul sextet hailing from Victoria, BC.

This soulful troupe exploded on the scene in the summer of 2012, with a mission to craft a unique sound from their boundless love and respect of soul, R&B, and funk music. Well-crafted melodies, soaring lyricism, and a dynamic rhythm section make The New Souls a must-see live act.

The band is locally grown from BC’s finest; its members come from premiere Motown Revue band The Midnights, or are graduates of Victoria High School’s Rhythm and Blues program, while others found their way after working with a variety of other Victoria bands. Their debut EP, ‘Household Daydreaming’ was at Infiniti Studios with Adam Sutherland and Chris Neal, available on Bandcamp.

They’ve played with artists like The Monophonics, Fly Moon Royalty, Dutch Robinson, and many other local groups in Victoria.

Earnest, authentic, and creative, The New Souls are ready for the exciting and funky years to come.