The concept of university is awesome. For generations, it has been a sacred place dedicated to exploring and expanding important ideas. Yet, in modern times, with massive loans, industrial size lecture halls, and bureaucracy ad nauseam, maybe something important is being missed.

Could it be different? What if university was… free? And, what’s more: no commute, no exams, no stress. And what if school grew our capacity to dream together and take action to make those dreams a reality in your own neighbourhood? Is it possible? YES! Gentle Fernwoodians, your educational utopia has arrived!


Fernwood University 2014

Fernwood University 2014

Who: Everyone is welcome

What: Lecture and discussion on ‘Sustainability: A History’ with Prof. Jeremy L. Caradonna

When: Friday, November 21, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Belfry Theatre, 1291 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria B.C.—many thanks to the Belfry Theatre for their support of this event

Cost: Free to attend

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As the world sinks deeper into ecological crisis, the concept of sustainability becomes ever more important and recognizable. In this engaging talk, Prof. Caradonna discusses the origins of sustainability and connects the concept to the positive actions occurring in Fernwood and around our region. The lecture builds off of his recent book, Sustainability: A History, which will be available for purchase at the event for $20.00.

Jeremy L. CaradonnaBio:

Jeremy L. Caradonna is an associate professor of history at the University of Alberta, an adjunct professor of environmental ­studies at UVic, and the owner of Victoria’s own Share Organics. He’s also active in the local biodiesel community. Caradonna thus has extensive experience with both the theory and practice of sustainability. He spends most of the year in Fernwood, where he and his wife and two children own a home.