The concept of university is awesome. For generations, it has been a sacred place dedicated to exploring and expanding important ideas. Yet, in modern times, with massive loans, industrial size lecture halls, and bureaucracy ad nauseam, maybe something important is being missed.

Could it be different? What if university was… free? And, what’s more: no commute, no exams, no stress. And what if school grew our capacity to dream together and take action to make those dreams a reality in your own neighbourhood? Is it possible? YES! Gentle Fernwoodians, your educational utopia has arrived!


Fernwood University 2013:

Food Security Series


2013 Syllabus                2013 Videos

Our second year of Fernwood University will bring us contemplations of food, history, innovation and experimentation all in the name of food. This years classes will held every Tuesday during the month of March. Come down to the Cornerstone Cafe at 1301 Gladstone Avenue at 7:00pm on Tuesdays for a FREE lecture and discussion.

Who: Everyone is welcome

What: Lectures and discussions on a variety of ‘Food Security’ related topic

When: Tuesdays in the month of March, at 7:00pm (First lecture on March 5th, 2013)

Where: Cornerstone Cafe, 1301 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria BC




Fernwood NRG hosted the first session of Fernwood University from January 17th – March 27th, 2012, covering a variety of topics centered on successful community building. The syllabus was based on Fernwood NRG’s Values and Principles. A plethora of knowledgeable speakers came out and shared their expertise and engaged students in constructive discussion afterwards.

Take a listen to these amazing lessons now available to you in podcast form.

Nicole Foss at the Cornerstone Cafe

Nicole Foss speaking at Lesson 3: Financial Self-reliance


As with everything Fernwood related, Fernwood University is a collaboration. Many thanks go out to all the talented speakers who donated their time and ideas to make this project happen and to all the students who came out to listen, discuss, and learn.