Fernwood University

Fernwood University is an annual lecture series held in Fernwood and organized by Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group.

Our most recent Fernwood U was held in March 2015 covering Cool Things You Can Do With Fungi with Danielle Stevenson of DIY Fungi. Danielle  covered topics such as growing your own mushrooms and dealing with household waste, an Intro to Mycoremediation and Mushroom Companions for the Garden and Farm. If you’re interested in taking more classes with DIY Fungi, please visit their website.

Fernwood University 2014 hosted author, professor and Fernwood resident, Jeremy Caradonna. Jeremy covered topics from his most recent book, “Sustainability: A History” which explains the origins and development of the sustainability movement. For more information on Jeremy’s work, please visit his website.

Fernwood U 2013 held a 4-part lectures series on contemplations of food, history, innovation, and experimentation all in the name of food. Robert Griffin, author of “Feeding the Family,” covered the history of food and drink in Victoria. Biana Bodley of Biophilia Collective spoke on living rood and green walls. Rhona McAdam, author of “Digging the City: An Urban Agriculture Manifesto,” communicated the details of her book. Lastly, Jesse from Mason Street City Farm in North Park spoke about the importance of urban agriculture and aquaponics.

Watch videos of these lectures here.

Fernwood U began in 2012, covering a variety of topics centered on successful community building. The syllabus was based on Fernwood NRG’s Values and Principles. Speakers included Lisa Helps, Kim Fowler, Lee Herrin, Nicole Foss, Rob Wipond, Roberta Martell and Ross Crockford. Each shared their expertise and engaged students in constructive discussion afterwards.

Listen to podcasts from these lectures here.

As with everything Fernwood related, Fernwood University is a collaboration. Many thanks go out to all the talented speakers who donated their time and ideas to make this project happen and to all the students who came out to listen, discuss, and learn.