Seedy Saturday – February 16, 2019

The place to start when starting from seed

›› Heather Leary

While most of Canada is still in winter’s icy grip, gardeners on Vancouver Island are planning their spring, which officially starts with Victoria Seedy Saturday on February 16th. Running from 10am to 4pm at the Victoria Conference Centre, Seedy Saturday offers opportunities for gardeners—and the gardening […]

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Update: Vic High Learning Farm year one

›› Lauren Gaultier

After many years of planning, the Vic High Learning Farm was a joint ­initiative prompted when a former faculty ­member reached out to Aaren Topley, Capital Region’s Community Animator, of Farm to School BC, for help in creating a ­sustainable farming program. With much behind the scenes effort, Topley was able to create […]

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How to make ­sauerkraut the easiest way possible

›› Ruben Anderson

Fermented foods are an effective and ­delicious traditional way to preserve the harvest, and they contain probiotics that aid digestion and may even have larger ­benefits for people with various gut ­conditions. If you like sauerkraut, you will love home-made sauerkraut—but the big ceramic crocks are […]

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Winter vs. Summer Growing

Transitioning from ­summer to winter ­gardening

›› Alysha Punnett

A winter garden differs from a spring/­summer garden in a number of ways:

Rate of Growth
Plants don’t grow at the same speed in colder months. Instead, the lower ­temperatures slow growth down to a snail’s pace, so think of your winter garden as outdoor cold storage.

Amount to Grow
Because you […]

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Spring Soil Prep

›› Alysha Punnett

Happy spring gardening season, everyone! Many of you will be underway in your gardens already, but here are a few tips to get your garden started off right.

Cover Crops

Now is the time to chop your cover crops if you haven’t already. For backyard ­gardeners, it can be difficult to dig in all that […]

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Cover cropping for the backyard garden

›› Alysha Punnett

Cover crops provide the same benefits as other mulches like straw, but are extra beneficial because they are living (see our Factsheet #7). The active root zone of the plant cycles nutrients and minerals, keeping them in the planting zone of your soil instead of washing away with the winter rains. The roots […]

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Cold weather composting

Seasonal tips from Compost Education Centre’s Site ­Manager and Community ­Education Coordinator

›› Alysha Punnett

Fall is a great time of year for ­composting. Compost ingredients are abundant as you put the garden to bed, dried leaves are plentiful and things have all winter to slowly break down into your spring soil ­amendment. Below are some tips […]

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