Exciting Garden Activities at Fernwood Community Centre

›› Brontë Elphick-Miner, Fernwood NRG Staff

This August, the Fernwood NRG gardens are going to be abuzz with activity! The busy bees at Fernwood NRG have been planning all sorts of fun activities to celebrate the peak of the growing season:

Community Garden Work Parties – August 11 & August 25

Have you been looking for a space […]

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Gardens are for gathering

›› Kayla Siefried, Compost Education Centre

Sometimes I reflect on the additional ­benefits of gardening, beyond the yummy foods my family and I get to eat, and the ecosystem services that are provided for pollinators and soil building.

Today, I’m reminded what a joy it is to connect with other humans in the garden, and what a […]

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Get Growing, Victoria! Free veggie seedling distribution is back

We’re excited to host another year of Get Growing, Victoria!, an amazing program that supports communities in need with free seedlings and garden materials from the City of Victoria’s Parks Department.

The intention of the program is to support City of Victoria residents who are facing barriers to growing their own food, and who are disproportionately […]

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Growing season begins

›› JJ Ford

I’m writing this article on the first day of spring, and the signs that our little patch of earth is tilting towards the sun are all around us. As the magnolias and oso berry bloom, and the robins hop around looking for worms, here at Fernwood NRG we are starting to plan our […]

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Spring steps in the garden

›› Kayla Siefried

Gardening is becoming even more of an important way to build resiliency in our lives. Just a salad from your garden every couple weeks, and you are a bit more resilient to unpredictable (and often less ­environmentally sustainable) supply chains that are vulnerable to conflict, climate change, and pandemic. If you don’t have […]

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Learning and growing for 30 years

The Compost Education Centre turns 30

›› Kayla Siefried

Celebrating 30 years in service is no small deal. And that’s what the ­Compost Education Centre (CEC) is doing in 2022—­celebrating all the composting, gardening, and conservation themed ­education we’ve been providing for 30 years to Fernwood and CRD residents alike!

As we take stock of the past 30 […]

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Resilience in trying times

›› Kayla Siefried

From heat waves to forest fires to floods, the chaos that has ensued this past year from climate change is stark. What inspiration and lessons can we garner from the seemingly dark and gloomy climate news we see on the regular? How can we become more resilient as humans living through these wild […]

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