Student Dinner is a community

Join us on Wednesday evenings for a healthy meal and more

›› Kathryn Juricic

Student Dinner continues to feed the people! Let me get this straight, Student Dinner is for students and for ALL young folks (who aren’t necessarily students). For people who are hungry—come eat! Every Wednesday we have a lovely team of youth serving you […]

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‘Share my Fernwood story’

This is an invitation to be included in the next issue of The Village Vibe!

›› Lauren Gaultier

Are you interested in…

Sharing your story with your ­community?
Hosting a neighbour (a Village Vibe contributor) for dinner?
Sharing a recipe with your ­neighbourhood?

If you said yes to any of these (or ­preferably all), please send an email […]

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Record Show – March 9, 2019

South Vancouver Island Record Show coming in March

›› Joel Weinstein

If you love music, you will want to be at The South Island Record Show on ­Saturday, March 9th at the Fernwood Community Centre. There you will find not only LP’s, but also 45s, CDs, concert DVDs, cassettes, and music memorabilia.

Demand for vinyl records declined beginning […]

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A week of family programs

Family Programs at the Fernwood ­Community Centre continue to flourish in 2019. Here’s a look at a week in the life of our family ­programs team.

›› Shonna Bell

We start Monday mornings out right with our Parent-Child Mother Goose program. This free, drop-in program ­welcomes ­anyone who wants to come ­sing with their baby. Songs are […]

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What’s up at The Fern Cafe

New vegan cafe opened its doors in ­Fernwood/North Park

›› Lauren Gaultier

Don’t be fooled by the new vegan spot that recently popped up on North Park Street, The Fern Café will leave any carnivore ­satisfied with their hearty offerings. The Fern has your typical café choices ­including speciality coffees, teas, and baked goods. If you are […]

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Make it happen: Fernwood Family Dinner

›› Ruben Anderson

Family Dinner has been held at the ­Fernwood Community Centre on Monday nights for the past five years—but it is only partially funded.

It is hard to do a good job—at work, at school, as a parent, as a partner, or as a friend—if you are hungry. But everything is getting more expensive and […]

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Fresh food builds resilience

Invisible need and the case for fresh food

›› Kathryn Juricic

This holiday season, Fernwood NRG is aiming to raise money to provide fresh fruits and ­vegetables every two weeks for 160 families in need throughout Greater Victoria. Sure, we all get why this is important. But do we really understand the need, the impact? To get […]

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