Hydro pole painting no longer permitted

After a decade of art and community ­building, BC Hydro asks Fernwood NRG to stop pole painting

›› Beth Threlfall

How to start a neighbourhood art project? Everything begins with a spark: mine was attending a community-building lecture hosted by Fernwood NRG back in 2008. Walking home afterwards, I knew I could do something for our neighbourhood, […]

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A name change for good

Parents start a petition to change the name of George Jay Elementary School

›› Kate Wallace

A group of parents on the Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) of George Jay Elementary School are starting a petition to change the name of the school. Through research—based on the reference book Contesting White Supremacy: School Segregation, Anti-Racism and the Making […]

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Discussion around the proposed Caledonia Project: In support of affordable housing

›› Hannah Rabinovitch

My partner and I were excited to move to Caledonia Avenue to start our family—we moved in while I was pregnant. Our house is within a block of three subsidized ­housing buildings and a recovery house, which means our son will grow up in a diverse neighbourhood with people from different backgrounds, families, […]

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Discussion around the proposed Caledonia Project: Fernwood could lose precious green space

›› Scott Fox & David Maxwell

School District 61 is considering ­granting a 60-year lease to the Capital Region ­Housing Corporation, resulting in two 3-story townhouse complexes, one 4-story ­apartment building and two 5-story ­apartment ­buildings to be constructed on school grounds. At the same time, the scheduled enlargement of the school will bring the population […]

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Growing Great Families program meets families where they’re at

›› Shonna Bell

As a Family Service Provider, I know that families experience many barriers to ­service. Our team is always looking for ways to reduce barriers and make things easier for our clients. An effective way to reduce ­barriers is to find a place where families are already accessing services and add more services to […]

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Victoria Anarchist Bookfair – September 21 and 22, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the 14th Annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair is happening this September 21st and 22nd on Lkwungen Territory in Victoria, British Columbia at the Fernwood Community Centre, at 1240 Gladstone Avenue. The bookfair draws participants from across Turtle Island and around the world.
This year, workshops addressing transitions/transformations, historical, envisioned, and currently […]

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Victoria High School receives funding for seismic upgrade

Starting in 2020, Victoria High will be seismically upgraded while preserving the building’s heritage and increasing enrollment space

›› Jordan Watters

In the heart of Fernwood, Victoria High has stood as an iconic landmark for over a century, and it will continue to proudly serve the community for 100 years more thanks to support from the community […]

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