Welcome Cream

›› Laura Benoit

When it came to setting up shop at 2000 Fernwood Road, formerly the home of Luna Collective, vintage curator Stacey Novak knew there was one thing she needed to keep in the space: local ­vendors. “I’ve loved that shop space since the ­beginning of time,” Novak laughs. “I loved what Luna was doing […]

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Stadacona Neighbour Support Network

An informal network of folks who want to support unhoused neighbours living in Stadacona Park

›› Stacie Swain, Andrew Kerr, James Davis, and Alieda Blandford

Andrew first met Ron on January 13th, 2021. Earlier that morning, Ron came within a few feet of dying as a tree crashed through his home during a windstorm. Ron continues to […]

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Net Zero Home: A Fernwood Tale

›› Tessa Weimer, Devin Fikis, and Kaitlyn Nightingale

We are a group of ­University of Victoria digital communications students who have partnered with the owners of the newest net zero home in Victoria with the goal of encouraging more people to take action to lighten their carbon footprint.

A net zero building is a building with net […]

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The heart of the Centre

The kitchen is the heart of the home. . . well, in our case it’s the ­Community Centre

›› Shonna Bell

Each week, approximately 400 meals are made out of the Fernwood Community Centre kitchen. Patrick Gleeson, our chef, picks up a minimum of 6 boxes of ­produce from the Mustard Seed via the Food Share Network’s […]

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Sweet Blossoms: Patience, Diversity, Community

›› Kevin Yee-Chan

Spring is here! The excitement of buds blossoming and days lengthening is often a welcome exhale after the inward cocoon of winter. Particularly after the inward nature of the last year—a year when we’ve been asked to sit collectively with stillness and ferment in various states of transformation that bubble up—it can be […]

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Updates from NPNA

›› Sarah Murray

Hello Fernwood neighbours! We are ­grateful for the chance to share a few neighbourhood updates with you!

First off, the 18 month permit for the Transitional Tiny Home Community at 940 Caledonia (RAP parking lot) was passed by Council on March 18. Aryze is in the process of working with the City and BC […]

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Birds of Fernwood

›› Liam Ragan

One of the silver linings of quarantine has been the chance to acquaint myself with the Fernwood neighbourhood. I just moved to Fernwood in February after graduating from a university in Montréal. Being a bird photographer means getting to know our avian neighbours.

Abundant green space, countless trees, and the odd open field—I’ve been […]

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