Our Child Care Programs are fully enrolled. Our Infant waitlist (8-18 months) and 3-5 waitlist are currently full.


Our child care philosophy

We are a family of caregivers who honour and value the relationship between a parent and their child. We respect a family’s expertise when it comes to their child and believe that it is a privilege to be a part of your family’s life. We believe that children need LOVE from their parents and caregivers to grow and develop above everything else.

We work hard to create a home away from home so that the children know that they are in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. We have built our program from a place of love, always keeping the best interest of the children in mind. We believe that for children to be successful they need to be exposed to rich programming that includes gross and fine motor activities, good nutrition, learning of personal hygiene, nap and rest times and assisting children to learn independence.

Our quality child care has a holistic approach that focuses on our community and social development. Our environment helps foster social development and self-esteem. This is done by giving lots of praise, using positive reinforcement and hugs! Our educators work collaboratively as a team to encourage appropriate behaviours. Sometimes children, young and old, will display undesirable behaviours such as hitting, kicking, biting or pushing. These are all part of normal development. When a child is struggling with behaviour our educators address the behaviour in a calm and personal manner. They support the child in finding a positive way to deal with the situation. This sometimes means allowing children to experience natural consequences which help them learn problem solving and experience cause and effect.

We rely on having open, courteous communication between the educators, children and their families. We believe that it is important to respect cultural differences and differences in opinions. As a team, it is our differences that make us strong and be able to support one another.

We welcome you into our home at Fernwood, where we will offer personalized care for your child to reach their developmental goals. This is done in a positive environment where your child will be loved by educators who care for one another and truly are passionate about who they are in the lives of children.


Staffs Rules for working together:

  1. Always keep the children’s best interest in mind.
  2. Work with each other not against each other towards a common goal.
  3. Communicate effectively. Note the timing of discussions, the environment, and the tone of voice being used. Always be respectful when speaking to your teammates and be honest about concerns.
  4. Support adjustments in the program and be open to it. (see #1)
  5. Allow your teammates vulnerability. Meet them with kindness, understanding and compassion. Acknowledge their feelings, and work together to create a space where staff can develop their skills.



Waitlist is Full

Fernwood NRG Child Care Programs are currently fully enrolled, our 3-5 year and Infant waitlist (8-18 months) are currently full.

Offer of Space

Families will be offered a space according to the age of their child when space becomes available and the developmental level of the children already enrolled. When a space becomes available, families will be notified immediately. We will book a meeting and a tour. After the meeting, families will be given 48 hours to secure their child’s spot. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we will move to the next family on the waitlist.

Centre Tours

Tours of the child care centres are only offered when your family is being offered a space. A centre tour is an important step for families. They provide the chance to see the program in action and ensure that it is a good fit for your child/family. Tours also provide families with the opportunity to meet the educators and ask any questions that you may have.


Read more about our Infant & Toddler Care centre, and our 3 to 5 year-old Care centre.

Fernwood NRG also offers Fernwood Neighbourhood Out-of-School Care for George Jay Elementary School students in Kindergarten to Grade 5.