Editorial: What’s a food bank?

›› Chantille Viaud

Growing up, my family would give cans of food to our local food bank each year, and I assumed that this was normal. But then one year, friends from Sweden visited us for Christmas. I remember telling them, with pride, that we were gathering cans of food to give to the local food […]

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Guest Editorial: Thank you Fernwood

I have felt both proud and humbled to have been allowed to lead the Board of Fernwood NRG for the past 5 years. I’m passing the torch of leadership to Kelsey Singbeil and Eric Swanson who will be Fernwood NRG’s new Co-Chairs of the Board.

›› Michael Lancaster

Dear Fernwoodians, this last year has been both challenging […]

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Won’t you be my neighbour?

›› Chantille Viaud

If you ever want to know what it’s like to be a ghost, become an unhoused person.

This is a paraphrased quote from one of the speakers at a workshop called “Keeping it Human” that I, along other residents of Fernwood, participated in recently. It’s the part of the night that has really stuck […]

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editorial: Thank you for helping fill the gap

›› Chantille Viaud

As I write this, we’re at the one-year mark since the first COVID-19 case was reported in B.C.

The pandemic has impacted so many parts of our lives. For some people, the impacts have been inconveniences and ­disappointments. For others, it has meant a struggle to afford food for their family.

The number of Canadian […]

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The COVID Experience

Change, transition, adaptation

›› Shonna Bell

Creativity, responsiveness, compassion.

It feels constant, exhausting and maybe sometimes invigorating. It feels humble, impossible to predict: make plans, adjust, make plans, adjust, settle in, adjust.

Really, it’s amazing we continue to get out of bed. Maybe we don’t, that’s ok too.

We show up, we watch the news, we interpret the guidance to […]

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Families, we see you

›› Shonna Bell

You are not working from home; you are home during a pandemic trying to work. When I first read this, I needed it. At the time, I had just finished a Zoom call where my toddler was launching herself on me from the couch and I was unmuting myself to spit out a […]

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The importance of child care

Child care centres are places for community connection and support

›› Chantille Viaud

When I was growing up, I didn’t understand why my mom spent so much of her energy on the child care centre she was trying to build. I remember stressed whispers between her and my dad late at night, going over financials and floor […]

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