Sharing Opportunities and Challenges

>> Chantille Viaud

Last week Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) report confirmed what many of us have known for a while from friends or personal experience: that rent prices have grown at a record pace while the vacancy rates are the lowest since 2001.

Also last week, Victoria’s city council adopted the missing middle program, aimed […]

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Supporting child care professionals

›› Eric Swanson

We’re at a historic moment for child care, in BC and across Canada. Promises by the provincial and federal governments to build a quality $10aDay system are becoming reality. The number of life-changing $10aDay spaces – including those provided by Fernwood NRG – is steadily increasing, as are fee reductions for those still […]

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Uncomfortable truths in a crisis

›› Paul Taylor

It’s been an exhausting few weeks.

As we continue navigating a pandemic recovery, coupled with skyrocketing housing and food prices, we are also witnessing a humanitarian crisis unfold before our eyes.

The situation in Ukraine has left me grappling with uncomfortable truths.

Like the way that protest is treated as either righteous or unrighteous, depending on […]

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Earth Day and climate justice

›› Chantille Viaud

Last year an atmospheric heat dome ­demonstrated, in a single day of extreme heat, what the impacts of climate change look like for people living all across B.C., not just in flood or wildfire-affected areas. And the people most affected by it were the people least likely to be able to afford a […]

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Everything goes silly without child care

›› Chantille Viaud

I was on a zoom call recently when my toddler, who was at home because of a COVID exposure at his child care centre, started screaming like the world had ended. Turns out Moana had gone to credits and I hadn’t noticed in time. No one on my call batted an eye.

One of […]

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Editorial: What’s a food bank?

›› Chantille Viaud

Growing up, my family would give cans of food to our local food bank each year, and I assumed that this was normal. But then one year, friends from Sweden visited us for Christmas. I remember telling them, with pride, that we were gathering cans of food to give to the local food […]

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Guest Editorial: Thank you Fernwood

I have felt both proud and humbled to have been allowed to lead the Board of Fernwood NRG for the past 5 years. I’m passing the torch of leadership to Kelsey Singbeil and Eric Swanson who will be Fernwood NRG’s new Co-Chairs of the Board.

›› Michael Lancaster

Dear Fernwoodians, this last year has been both challenging […]

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