Work with us

Fernwood NRG is an organization committed to families, our community, and the environment, but the question still remains, why would you want to work with us?

Our Neighbourhood

Our neighbourhood is your neighbourhood.  A unique, diverse, and proud community that we have represented, supported, and helped to develop for over 30 years.  We are dedicated to making this the place to live, work, and simply —  to be.

Our Team

You don’t work for Fernwood NRG, you work with us—and with the community.  You are part of a team, you help to develop a positive work place and the neighbourhood, and you share our common goals and successes.  What is the Fernwood NRG culture like?  Well, some call it “funky Fernwood”.  We at Fernwood NRG call it home.  We are committed to sustainable environmental practices and taking care of our community.

Do it for Yourself

Fernwood NRG is built on the ability to attract and retain people who are dedicated, hard-working, and fun to work with!  In return, we help staff to develop their talents to bring out the best in everyone and everything around them. Don’t you think you’re worth it? Join us!


Employment Opportunities

Fernwood NRG currently has the following employment opportunities:

People & Culture Manager

Out of School Care 

Fernwood NRG currently has the following volunteer opportunities:

For general volunteer opportunities, visit Volunteer Here.