indigenous voices: Advice for an effective ally

›› Lizz Brooks, Indigenous Perspectives Society

As time moves forward, we have seen a lot this last year in terms of Indigenous ­relations. Individuals and organizations across Canada have made big steps towards progress, likewise, we have also witnessed many missteps along the way. With the constant changing and news, there has been a lot of […]

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Indigenous Voices: Revitalizing food security through ­reclamation

›› Lizz Brooks & ­Shae Zamardi

Food is something that many individuals consider often. Perhaps you’re excited for your favourite meal, you may be questioning going to the grocery store with any current panic buying, or even whether you can afford meals this week. Beyond fueling our bodies, food is a vital piece of human connectedness […]

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Reflections on our lost children

[content awareness: this article discusses residential schools and the ongoing searches for unmarked graves across Turtle Island]

›› Lizz Brooks & Shae Zamardi

With Orange Shirt Day now passed for this year, there are many reflections ­accumulating from the school searches of the summer. With conversations of ­Canada’s Residential “Schools” slowing publicly, there have been numerous pushes […]

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Femmes Risin’ in Fernwood

New mural a labour of love, community, and dreaming within Black & Indigenous Futures

›› Stephanie Papik

When I first purchased 1919 Fernwood Road in 2019, I ­envisioned a mural along the driveway entrance, a mural on the back of the building, or possibly one inside. I shared this dream with good friend and artist Nicole Neidhardt. […]

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The importance of ­diverse-specific spaces

›› Lizz Brooks & Shae Zamardi

Creating equitable spaces for diverse communities, such as people of colour, 2SLGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups is a conversation that has been increasing in frequency these last few years. The more society sees of these conversations about cultural safety, the more we see individuals creating their own […]

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Is diversity enough?

›› Lizz Brooks & Shae Zamardi

We are in a time when diversity and ­inclusion are showcased as the golden ­standard for a healthy work ­environment. But is that enough? Does having ­representation within our media and ­organizations have an impact if there is little room for cultural safety behind the scenes? In short, yes, but […]

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Indigenous Voices: Understanding ­diversity within ­Indigenous identities

›› Lizz Brooks & Shae Zamardi

Today, we are seeing a vast number of Indigenous Peoples reclaiming their spaces, calling for action, and building each other up. Similarly, non-Indigenous people are beginning to regularly ­acknowledge these calls and look for ways to ­support ­Indigenous Nations. But what does ­support look like? To discover how to ­support, […]

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