Our Fernwood Out-Of-School Care program is full.  Thank you for your support.

Here at Fernwood NRG we believe in play-based learning, in active learning, in creative expression, in nature and in helping children find tactile ways to use and develop the skills they are learning in school.

We exemplify these beliefs through free and imaginative play, through trips to parks around the city, our nature and outdoor program, art, crafts and baking.

Our staff are dedicated to meeting the many needs of children by planning an array of activities and by providing encouragement, engagement and support in each activity.

We believe that bringing children out into the community, exploring a variety of parks, beaches and nature give children a broader perspective of their world. Through these experiences is where book learning becomes real. Learning doesn’t end when children leave the classroom, it takes many forms. We are here to facilitate that.

Please contact info@fernwoodnrg.ca for more information, 250-381-1552 ext.107.