This year at FernFest, we are hosting 3 free workshops in the Belfry Theatre’s Studio A. All workshops are free and open to everyone. If you are interested, please register below to secure your space:

1:00pm Light Projection Puppetry with Julie Gennai

Did you know making puppets from light and colour was possible? Learn how to turn bits of plastic recycling and other every-day objects into stunning visual projections that tell a story. Come explore the possibilities within projected puppet animations using an overhead projector. Together, we’ll learn the techniques needed to breathe life and movement into the characters, landscapes, and events that make up a puppet show. Expect to build, repair, manipulate, and co-create.

This workshop is geared towards beginner/casual puppeteers ages 6 and older. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

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2:00pm Thought Into Lyric: Expressing yourself through lyrical improvisation with Kady Savard

Join Kady for a fun and creative interactive workshop learning to write and sharing lyrics.

It Is a strong belief on Kady’s that music is an amazing tool for expression, healing, and learning — not just about music but about yourself. Kady’s goal is to motivate people to get past that little awkward self-judgment phase that we all feel when trying something new and encourage them to just let loose with the lyrics!  There is no wrong way to freestyle!

Improving lyrics is one of the main things Kady does in the music scene and wouldn’t be where she is if someone hadn’t nudged her forward, put a mic in her hand and said “ just sing anything … make it up “

At the workshop, Kady will be joined by fellow MCs to help keep it flowing and offer tips to those who need them. Bring the kid! Everyone is welcome to this all-inclusive workshop. You are encouraged to be who you are and let us share in that with some fun lyric improv. Members of Kady’s band, ‘Savard’ will be backing us up with some sweet jams.

It’s a simple game of pass the mic. We will have some things to use as tools if you get stuck and can’t think of anything but the goal is just to try and when you feel unsure you can always pass the mic. Fun is the key we are just loosening up the confidence level so you can feel at home making up lyrics whenever you want!

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3:00pm Beadwork with Kwakuitl artist Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is a Kwakuitl fashion designer and artist who makes handmade moccasins and mukluks through here apparel line White Feather Apparel. Join her for the hands-on and learn basic beading skills. For 10 years old and up.

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