Common flourishes thanks to youth

Volunteers mobilize to build new tool shed and irrigation system at Spring Ridge Common

›› Alex Harned

Spring activities are all a buzz at the ­corner of Chambers and Gladstone in ­Fernwood-and it’s not all about the cherry blossom bustle. It is in large part due to the ­talented, dedicated, next ­generation of youth who are putting […]

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Spring Ridge Common’s New Tool Shed: In Search of Gardening Tools

>> Alex Harned

Spring has finally sprung in Fernwood!

As small dashes of soft pink cherry blossom buds start to appear on the tips of bare branches and the days start to grow a little longer, all the beautiful growing things in Spring Ridge Common are coming back to life. Fernwood is lucky to be home to […]

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FREE Ready to Rent RentSmart Courses

Take this course to learn how to increase your chances of getting the housing you need!
RentSmart is a 12-hour course that covers the following:

Tenant rights and responsibilities
Landlord responsibilities and expectations
Living with roommates, housemates and neighbours
Effective communication skills
Budgeting and planning for housing affordability and stability
Maintenance do’s and don’ts
Crisis management, […]

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Create Victoria—Make Your Mark

Victoria, and especially Fernwood, is home to an incredible mix of artists, designers, performers, entrepreneurs and innovators who contribute to a vibrant arts and culture scene. The City of Victoria is developing Create Victoria, a five-year Arts and Culture Master Plan, designed to nurture conditions for this creativity to flourish. The plan will align ideas, […]

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Fun and games at Oaklands

“If you want creativity, take a zero off your budget. If you want sustainability, take off two zeros.” Jaime Lerner
>> Hazel Lyder

If these words resonate, then we’ve got two projects at the Oaklands Community Association that will be right up your alley!

Are you up for the challenge of designing, sourcing and constructing an environmentally friendly […]

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Thanks for the Gift of Good Food

›› Kathryn Juricic & Mila Czemerys

Our generous neighbourhood has, once again, outdone itself in supporting The Gift of Good Food. Together, through ­grassroots fundraisers, hundreds of ­community members and lots of creativity, we raised $64,000!

Thank you, on behalf of the eleven community centres and transition houses, from Sooke to Saanich, for helping us provide 125 […]

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A year long gift of good food

Good food is needed not just at Christmas, but all year long

>> Alex Harned

December is officially here! After many months of waited anticipation, it is finally permissible to engage in the bounty of holiday cheer. Frosted snowflakes and Rudolph sightings are commonplace in downtown shop windows, glowing strings of lights line the neighbourhood streets, and […]

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