Did you know that Fernwood will be a host neighbourhood for the Resilient Streets program, launching at a kick-off workshop on September 13th, 2017?

In the follow toolkit you’ll find excerpts from the “Resilient Streets Toolkit”—This is a practical guide that we’ll be exploring in more detail at the workshop, which will help you and your neighbours meet, get to know each other, and start making your street, building or block more resilient through fun, hands-on projects. Of course, the many examples that we give are just that—examples. They are wide open to change, adaptation or complete re-­invention. And ultimately, only you and your ­neighbours can decide what you’d like to do together and how you’d like to go about doing it. With this toolkit, we’re simply hoping to inspire and assist you in any way we can!

This toolkit was ­developed by Building Resilient Neighbourhoods, a ­collaborative ­initiative based in Victoria.

Learn more at: resilientneighbourhoods.ca

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