Welcome City Fields Flower Farm

›› Mila Czemerys

In backyards across Victoria, spring is ­starting to make its presence felt. This is especially exciting for the four flower ­farmers who make up City Fields Flower Farm, a new, multi-site-Fernwood included-urban flower farm offering spray-free and compost-fed dahlia ­bouquets at reasonable prices.

Sharing a love for the outdoors, ­growing, and all things beautiful, the idea came to the four friends last August, when each of their backyards were overflowing with flowers. One of the farmers, Anne, describes how it began: “It all started with a desire to share the flowers we were already growing-once we had the idea, everything just started to fall into place.”

Each flower farmer brings something special to the whole. Anne comes from a long line of farmers and gardeners, Sarah works as a professional gardener and is a jack-of-all-trades, Adam likes to do the heavy lifting and comes from a family of dahlia growers, and Carina has worked on organic farms in Quebec and is passionate about strategic planning and logistics.

Subscriptions run through July, August & September, when dahlias are at their peak. Working on a Community ­Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, clients subscribe for the full three-month growing season and are treated to a weekly or bi-weekly bouquet of a variety of dahlias and other blooms. Bouquet prices range from $12 for a small and $30 for a large.

Clients collect their bouquets at one of three local pickup locations including the Cornerstone Café in Fernwood, ­Discovery Coffee’s Discovery Street location, and at one of City Fields’ own flower plots in ­Esquimalt. Carina hopes that “the ­pick-up locations will help our neighbours get to know one another; that the flowers act as a conversation starter, and a gathering place.” For more info about the farm or to subscribe, visit ­cityfieldsflowerfarm.com.