If you want creativity, take a zero off your budget. If you want sustainability, take off two zeros.” Jaime Lerner
>> Hazel Lyder

If these words resonate, then we’ve got two projects at the Oaklands Community Association that will be right up your alley!

Are you up for the challenge of designing, sourcing and constructing an environmentally friendly ‘community caravan’? Think e-bike plus trailer meets Pimp My Ride. In other words, take what you see in the picture above and add a superstructure that is functional and fabulous. This ‘Oaklands Community Caravan’ will be used by our community gardener team, provide a ‘pop-up’ presence at the Oaklands Sunset Markets and at various street and block parties. We even have a budget (with more than one zero in it) for this.

Calling all clever, creative minds for a street game-making project! Bring your agile mind and game playing experience to the design table. Monopoly reconceived as “Pay it Forward”? Funky large-as-life BananaGrams? A community oriented re-think of Battle Ship? Bring your ideas, bring your enthusiasm. Not much in the way of zeros for this one though so we’re hoping to source some donations and rely on recyclables.

Embrace your skills! Get creative! Give back to your community! Most of all, don’t be shy, contact Hazel, our Community Development Coordinator at 250-370-9101 x4 or community@oaklandsca.com.