›› Richard Di Castri

7-Rays brings a metaphysical note into the artistic mix of Fernwood Village. The term Metaphysics refers to the laws governing consciousness and universal principles which enrich personal awareness. 7-Rays is a gallery of treasures aimed at stimulating senses and awakening the imagination.

Metaphysical shops first started popping up in Victoria in the ‘60s and ‘70s. These shops supplied books, crystals, incense, information regarding Eastern philosophies, natural and energetic healing—anything which promoted the idea of bringing a deeper sense of enchantment back into one’s personal space.

7-Rays furthers this intention as it seeks to bridge the broad subject of spirituality with the personal intuitive experience of the individual. It is a centre of networking for a community of people practicing diverse healing modalities—from energy work to intuitive counselling, Astrology, Tarot and Shamanic practice—all of which provide rich nuance to artful-living. 7-Rays strives to carry on and enhance the creative vibe here in Fernwood.