>> Ross Currie

Vinyl Envy has been open for a little under two years, with its doors opening in April of 2015 under the ownership of Michael Cline. Since then it has morphed into a space for live performances, working under the handle of record store & live event lounge; something that Cline had envisioned for the space from the beginning. With the addition of Matthew Andrade, who handles promotions and audio engineering duties, the shop has transformed into a community space with an emphasis on all ages concert going and local talent.

“We started live shows in March last year (2016), in approximately nine months we did 50 shows and had 110 different artists,” said Andrade. Alongside local talent, the venue has managed to bring artists from across Canada, as well as Los Angeles and Seattle. “Our goal is to keep it going, keep booking shows and providing a safe space for all ages to come see music,” says Andrade. The venue will host shows on Friday and Saturday, with concert’s starting around 7:00 o’clock and finishing around 10:00 o’clock.

“The best part of the whole experience is being able to witness how the music culture is here. A record store wouldn’t thrive in Victoria if it weren’t for all the music lovers, record lovers and appreciators; and a venue wouldn’t thrive either,” says Andrade. The space allows for customers to browse through a curated selection of new and used vinyl, cassettes and CDs across all genres. Andrade is quick to mention that the two sides “support each other,” offering a symbiotic relationship between recorded sound and live performance.

“I think every band, customer or person that comes through the shop leaves a little imprint on the space,” says Andrade. “It’s a great opportunity for us to be involved with, and nurture the local music community. We can see it growing, we can see the positivity,” says Andrade. “What better place to go see a local band, than your local music store?” Whether your preference is record shopping or live music, or a combination of the two, Vinyl Envy should have you covered.