Cornerstone Cafe brings back pizza and memories of the Thin Edge of the Wedge, Fernwood’s original pizza joint

›› Lenore Rankin

The pizza oven is firing and the beer taps are flowing. After almost 10 years of providing a steady stream of caffeine to ­Fernwoodians during the day, the Cornerstone Cafe is super excited to expand into the ­evening with the launch of its new pizza ­offering. Over the last few months we’ve been ­tooling up, renovating our beautiful ­heritage space and ­perfecting our new menu. And at long last, we’re ready: Pizza has returned to Fernwood!

Our hand-rolled pizza crusts are made with all organic ingredients. Our toppings are locally sourced from some of Victoria’s premiere suppliers and we’ve sourced out the best gluten free crust option that’s sure to satisfy.

We are pleased to partner with local high quality suppliers like The Whole Beast, Discovery Coffee, Silk Road Tea, and of course, Phillips Brewery. We look forward to seasonal offerings to take ­advantage of locally grown produce and will ­continue to source out the best ingredients that ­Victoria has to offer.

If you’re one of our day time regulars we hope you’ll give us a try in the ­evening. And we’re really looking forward to ­meeting some new folks who work and can’t make into the Cafe during the day.
We’ll continue to provide a casual ­atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Whether you’re on a first date, getting together with friends, out walking your dog, looking for a family friendly space close to home, or looking to chill with a beer or glass of wine on your own, we got you covered.

Over the next few months you’ll notice 2 licensed patios—one right on the corner of Fernwood Rd in front of the Cafe and the other in our back alley patio. We’ll ­continue to offer live bluegrass on ­Wednesdays and feature live acts on ­Fridays.

We also look forward to offering ­lunch-sized Pizzettas (stay tuned for our Vic High students special), a ­weekend ­Breakfast Pizza Menu and delivery ­exclusively within the boundaries of ­Fernwood by bicycle!

Here’s the best part. On top of having a great experience at your local eatery, you can also feel good about supporting your great neighbourhood. The Cornerstone Cafe is fully owned by Fernwood NRG and profits from the Cafe are directed back into neighbourhood programs and services like childcare, food security and family programs.

Until the end of June come join us and take advantage of our opening special: a pint of Phillips brew and Pizza of your choice for $15.