>> Shonna Bell

The Fernwood Community Centre would like to remind the community of the new services we are now happy to offer.

The first valuable service is an opportunity to meet with an Employment Assistance worker. This program is offered in partnership with the Family Youth Partnership program from the Ministry of Social Development. This is an opportunity for Income Assistance clients to have a 30 minute face-to-face appointment with an Employment Assistance worker who can provide support in moving from Income Assistance to employment and independence. The Employment Assistance worker is able to support those clients in accessing education options and the new Single Parent Employment Initiative.

The program supports youth and young parents between 19 and 24 with services that that include but are not limited to: reviewing housing, physical and emotion wellbeing, education and work history as well as future goals.

If you are currently on Income Assistance and need more information about your circumstances and options then this is the program for you.

Further we are still running the free legal clinic. This program is available to families accessing our Family Programs and walk-in patrons.  The creation of this clinic has been motivated by the increasing number of inquiries for support with family matters such as navigating the family court system to finalize custody arrangements. This service is focused on family law to support families navigate their individual situations but is not limited to additional personal inquiries.

The clinic is offered once a week with a rotating roster of lawyers who have graciously offered their time to support the Fernwood Community Centre. The appointments have been structured into 30 minute increments giving enough time for the clients to share their situation and have feedback provided to them with the next possible steps.

We feel offering these programs at the Fernwood Community Centre, being a central location for the City of Victoria, is an invaluable service not only to our centre but our community. We recognize these services as a starting point for families to move forward with their lives and create not only a healthy environment for their children but themselves.

Please contact abby@fernwoodnrg.ca for more information and to book an appointment.