April Mallett is working towards a MA in Child and Youth Care at UVic and she is conducting a research study on how young people are participating in the Common.

She is also a youth worker, and in this role has worked in experiential and mainstream education, youth justice, drop-in services for street-involved youth, and residential care. Last but not least, she grows food! For the last four years she has been mixing her love of people with her love of plants, working in food security and school gardens. Most recently she coordinated and co-facilitated an apprenticeship program in sustainable agriculture and permaculture for youth facing barriers to employment. April would like to meet or talk to people between the ages of 17 and 30 or who have experiences of Springridge Common that include younger people’s participation for a 30 minute to 1 hour interview.

She is keen to find out:

• Why is Spring Ridge Commons important to you?

• How do you use Spring Ridge Commons?

• What would you like to see happen at Spring Ridge Commons?

Contact: amallett@uvic.ca or (250) 208-4577 between 10am & 10 pm.

Please assist April and Springridge Common in being part of this study and/or encouraging your friends and others to be a part of this. She will be sharing her findings and recommendations with us.

All Stories Welcome!