Available: January 2, 2015
Cost: $795.00/month. Fees include morning and afternoon snacks, hot lunch on Tuesdays, sportball, dance, and all field trips. 
Program: Licensed 3/5 Program
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30am – 5:30pm

The Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group is currently accepting applications for its 3/5 Daycare Centre based in the Fernwood Community Centre, 1240 Gladstone Avenue. The programs curriculum is based on the children’s developmental abilities and interests. Activities such as art, story time, and Sportball are done in smaller groups to allow children more individual time with their teachers.

Our Educators use positive role modeling and take more of a supporting role in play. We encourage the children to play together and help support them in problem solving. As the children grow, our curriculum reflects that. We offer a kindergarten readiness program for our children who are going to be entering the school system. This program offers pre-school activities such as name recognition, letters, numbers, cutting, printing and developing fine motor skills. The Kindergarten readiness program also focuses on social and emotional development by helping the children learn about virtues such as kindness, helpfulness, respect and compassion. Our 3/5 program also features monthly field trips, monthly theme days, bike day, trips to community parks and neighbourhood walks.

Applications can be picked up from the Fernwood Community Centre at 1240 Gladstone Avenue.