Fernwood NRG is a social enterprising non-profit organization run by and for the residents of Fernwood, a neighbourhood in Victoria, BC.

Since 1979, our non-profit organization has provided child care and family programs, as well as offered recreational activities through the Fernwood Community Centre. In August 2005, we purchased the Cornerstone Building, and fourteen months later, we opened the Cornerstone Apartments, which provides affordable housing to four families. Soon after, we opened the Cornerstone Cafe, Fernwood’s living room. In 2008, we built a beautiful house on Yukon Street, the Park Place Apartments, creating affordable housing for six more families. Read more here We could not have achieved what we have without our funders, supporters, and friends. Please consider making a donation, and you can help us create the neighbourhood we all wish we had grown up in.



  • Building community; one pole at a time

Building community; one pole at a time

Soul of Fernwood expressed through painted poles
>> Shannon K. Auringer

It may seem interesting or ­coincidental to those who simply pass through Fernwood: what’s with all the painted poles? Some people traveling on […]

  • Community Animation Project

Community Animation Project

This fall, filmmaker and educator Morgan Rhys Tams is working with the Pandora Arts Collective and the Fernwood community to create a:
Using stop motion and rotoscope animation techniques, community members, […]

  • Belfry Theatre 2014-2015 Season

Belfry Theatre 2014-2015 Season

›› Michael Shamata

Seven wild Rez ­Sisters, two estranged Best Brothers, Vanya and Sonia and Masha (his sisters) and Spike (Masha’s boy toy), one theatre director and one Greek ­goddess. Plus one Greek […]

  • The Tragedy of the Common(s)

The Tragedy of the Common(s)

>> Lee Herrin

This past month, Spring Ridge Common(s), the “garden” at the corner of Chambers Street and Gladstone Avenue in Fernwood failed in its ambition to be an “edible urban oasis.” There […]