Fernwood NRG welcomes the Parsonage Cafe to Fernwood

›› Lee Herrin

We have some bittersweet news to share with our neighbours. We have sold the Cornerstone Café to the good people from the Parsonage Café, who are losing their space on North Park. The Cornerstone Café is now closed, but the Parsonage crew hopes to reopen in Fernwood as early as February 1st.

It has […]

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Finding child care solutions ­together

Fernwood NRG is part of the Mayor’s Child Care Solutions Working Group

›› Lee Herrin

In June, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps invited community, public sector, and business leaders across the City together to discuss a local response to the chronic shortage of child care in the City of Victoria.

The meeting was well attended. All of the Community […]

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Building Fernwood Village

More small businesses & housing coming for Fernwood Village

›› Lee Herrin

In 2013, Fernwood NRG purchased two properties in the core of Fernwood ­Village (1310 Gladstone Avenue and 2009 ­Fernwood Road). As well, we obtained an option to purchase 2013 and 2017 ­Fernwood Road for redevelopment as affordable housing apartments. Overall, our vision was to add […]

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10 years of social enterprise

>> Lee Herrin

Fernwood NRG has hit a number of milestones in the past few years: the organization turned 35 in 2014, FernFest turned 20 in 2015, and both the Village Vibe and the Cornerstone building (in neighbourhood hands) turned 10, also in 2015. And just this past month, the Cornerstone Café hit the 10 year […]

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No fear, no loathing in Fernwood

Sensitive and thoughtful neighbourhood-scaled development improves life for everyone
›› Lee Herrin

Ben lives on Yukon Street with his ­daughters in Fernwood NRG’s ­affordable family housing. Harry lives across the street, in one of the beautiful character houses that make Yukon Street a gem in Victoria. I know Ben because we are both on the Board of […]

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Spring Ridge Common—the next chapter

>>Lee Herrin

People in Fernwood are connected to Spring Ridge Common in myriad ways: some are neighbours, others love the permaculture angle, some just enjoy a quiet space to relax with a friend, and some, like last issue’s contributor, remember the site when it was a wooden school building. Spring Ridge Common isn’t going anywhere. Having […]

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Geoff Cross

Thank you for your years of work as our Board Member at Fernwood NRG

>> Kathryn Juricic

Fernwood NRG is a non-profit organization with a dedicated Board of Directors. One of whom, we are sad but excited to announce, is heading East to pursue a career in Law, attending Osgoode for Law School. Fernwood NRG Board Member and […]

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