>> Chantille Viaud

As we come into a new year, we at Fernwood NRG are excited to share a glimpse of our ongoing strategic planning journey. Over the past year, we’ve engaged in heartfelt conversations with our community members, our participants, our staff, volunteers, and board. Together, we’ve been crafting a new vision, mission, and values that truly reflect our collective dreams and commitment to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive neighborhood.

Our new Vision paints a picture of the future we want to build together and sets out our hopes for our community. It’s a vision where every individual experiences a sense of belonging, connection, joy, and acceptance.

Our Mission is our north star, our guiding light, and guides the direction of our organization. We see ourselves as embedded in the international neighbourhood house movement, which promotes social inclusion, provides community services, and fosters community development in neighbourhoods around the world. We are dedicated to fostering community well-being, connection, and resilience through our diverse programs, services, and advocacy efforts. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to courage, compassion, and centering the needs of our diverse low-income families and seniors.

Our values ground our actions, particularly when we must make difficult choices. We aspire to living fully into these values in service of our vision and mission. Our values revolve around nurturing our community by prioritizing belonging, connection, service, and enjoyment. We centre relationships, equity, and well-being. Grounded in teamwork, our work holds meaning for people– staff, volunteers, and community members alike. We lead with integrity, embodying creativity, accountability, and responsibility in our daily actions. Additionally, we acknowledge the significance of our neighborhood’s connection to the land and local food systems. Operating on Songhees and Esquimalt lands, we are committed to supporting decolonization efforts, ensuring our work aligns with the values of the communities we serve.

As we embark on this journey of renewal we invite you to join us in embracing these values and shaping the future of Fernwood. In the coming months, we look forward to unveiling our finalized strategic plan, which will serve as our road map for the years to come!