›› Chantille Viaud

Excitement filled the air at the Field of Dreams during FernFest as members of the community connected with our team at our booth. The purpose was to gain insights into the community’s hopes and dreams for Fernwood and receive valuable feedback on the organization’s role within the neighbourhood. As our organization continues its strategic planning process, the booth was another opportunity to understand the community’s needs and aspirations.

Throughout the past months residents have shared heartfelt stories of the joy and connection that Fernwood NRG has brought into their lives. The organization’s programs, like the beloved community ­dinners, have played a significant role in fostering strong relationships among neighbours. The sense of inclusion and belonging that these events create was evident, and it reinforced the importance of our presence in the community.

Our dedicated staff has voiced appreciation for being part of a team that values courage, boldness, and creativity. They find fulfillment in knowing their work is making a genuine difference in the neighbourhood. Feeling connected to their colleagues and shared goals, the staff’s commitment to the community shines through in the success of the organization’s initiatives.

One crucial realization that has emerged over this period is the vast array of activities that our organization undertakes within the community. Many folks in the community, and even some staff, were surprised by the extent of the things that we do. This revelation has led us to acknowledge the necessity of ensuring everyone is well-informed about the organization’s initiatives and how they align with our core mission.

As the strategic planning process advances, we aim to keep the community and team members up-to-date about ongoing projects and new endeavours. With the fall season approaching, we are eager to take the community’s valuable input and incorporate it into our plans for the future. We invite everyone with ideas and suggestions for the community and the organization to step forward and share their thoughts.

As we continue our commitment to ­creating an inclusive and vibrant Fernwood, we look forward to building upon the foundation of joy, connection, and community-driven initiatives. The organization is dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and cared for.

Our journey towards a brighter future for Fernwood has just begun, and the NRG is excited to walk hand in hand with the community (those living here now, and those who will be living here in the future) every step of the way. Together, we envision a neighbourhood that thrives on collaboration, creativity, and compassion, making Fernwood an even more exceptional place to call home.

For more information, please email me at executivedirector@­fernwoodnrg.ca.