FernFest – June 16 & 17, 2017

The scoop on Fernwood’s 22nd Annual celebration of art, music and community

>> Mila Czemerys

June is here. That means it’s time to kick off the summer with FernFest!

Fernwood NRG is pleased to bring you the 22nd Annual FernFest, Fernwood’s neighbourhood celebration of local music, arts and community building.

Everyone is invited to join the free, family friendly fun […]

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Wanna get involved in your community?

>> Kathryn Juricic

I have always enjoyed volunteering, it makes me feel purposeful and part of something larger. Little did I know that it would help me get a job and connect me with some of my best friends. I started at Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group as a volunteer for FernFest five years ago, accepting Artisan […]

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Fernwood Art Stroll celebrates 10 years

Culture, creativity and community
Saturday, June 10th and Sunday, June 11th – 11am-4pm
Throughout Fernwood

>> Margaret Hantiuk

Please join us on Saturday, June 10th, and Sunday, June 11th from 11 to 4 for the 10th Annual Fernwood Art Stroll. This year there are 15 artist studios to visit, including the several artists in the Pandora Arts Collective, at the […]

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Organic Pest and Disease Management

>> Alysha Punnett, Site Manager & Community Education Coordinator, Compost Education Centre

Gardening season is here!  And so are all the things that eat your garden!  Here we discuss The Big 3: aphids, slugs and cutworms.


There are green, brown, black and dusty grey aphids, all active at various times of the growing season (lucky us!).  They […]

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John Larsen, Community Leader & Music Advocate

>> Marc Jenkins

Larsen Music began out of John Larsen’s Saanich home nearly 20 years ago. There was at the time a huge shortage of available rental instruments for band students on Vancouver Island. John just couldn’t stand the idea of kids wanting to play music not having access to instruments to play. So he cashed […]

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It’s time we talked about Oaklands

Community Needs Assesment coming up

›› Hazel Lyder

We at the Oaklands ­Community ­Association want to deepen our ­understanding of how we can contribute to making Oaklands a better place to live. Yes, we know lots of things are already working really well and we will definitely spend some time acknowledging the ‘good’ but let’s also think […]

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Fernwood gets an urban flower farm

Welcome City Fields Flower Farm

›› Mila Czemerys

In backyards across Victoria, spring is ­starting to make its presence felt. This is especially exciting for the four flower ­farmers who make up City Fields Flower Farm, a new, multi-site-Fernwood included-urban flower farm offering spray-free and compost-fed dahlia ­bouquets at reasonable prices.

Sharing a love for the outdoors, ­growing, […]

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