Rise Health

›› Lauren Gaultier

In 2014, RISE Health opened its doors on the corner of Fernwood and Bay with half a dozen staff ready to provide great quality care to their customers. Now, five years later they have grown to a family of 35. Although they have grown nearly six-fold, co-founder Lisa Munkley shares that they have […]

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Cream Biscuits

›› Ruben Anderson

This extraordinarily easy recipe makes a quick and fluffy biscuit—a perfect accompaniment for pickle soup found in the August Village Vibe. The secret is that butter is replaced with whipping cream, which gives great flavour and steam to help the biscuits rise tall. It is as easy as stirring it all together.

2 ⅔ […]

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Make It Happen: Guerilla Bus Stop

›› Ruben Anderson

Fernwood Village is a happening place with lots of visitors and lots of Vic High ­students. In the glorious summer sunshine, it can be hard to think about winter coming, but the dark and rainy afternoons can be a sad sight in Fernwood as people wait for the bus, scrunching their shoulders against […]

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Growing Great Families program meets families where they’re at

›› Shonna Bell

As a Family Service Provider, I know that families experience many barriers to ­service. Our team is always looking for ways to reduce barriers and make things easier for our clients. An effective way to reduce ­barriers is to find a place where families are already accessing services and add more services to […]

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Victoria High School receives funding for seismic upgrade

Starting in 2020, Victoria High will be seismically upgraded while preserving the building’s heritage and increasing enrollment space

›› Jordan Watters

In the heart of Fernwood, Victoria High has stood as an iconic landmark for over a century, and it will continue to proudly serve the community for 100 years more thanks to support from the community […]

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Farewell, Fernwood

›› Lee Herrin

This September will mark 21 years I have been part of Fernwood NRG: 11 years as a Board member from 1998 through 2009, and 10 years as Executive Director since August of 2009. Twenty-one years is a long time, and I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on to other challenges. I’ve […]

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Fall Garden Work Party

Join the last work party of the season at the ­Fernwood ­Community Centre on ­Saturday, ­September 14th, 10am to 1pm

›› Mila Czemerys

As fall rolls in, it will be time to do some harvesting, maintenance, and mulching at the kitchen garden and orchard at the ­Fernwood Community Centre.

It has been a really great year in the […]

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