Greens in the coastal garden

›› Kayla Siefried

Just a week ago, I harvested 11 different varieties of greens from the gardens at the Compost Education Centre. It was incredible to take in the variety and beauty of the greens freshly harvested and consumed in mid-January! We live in a particularly unique climate, where it is very possible to have many […]

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Fernwood NRG to host listening campaigns and seeks support from local community

›› Melissa Faye Reid

Fernwood NRG is creating a new strategic plan this year and we need your help. A strategic plan is process to determine the direction of an organization based on the needs of the community it serves.

Fernwood NRG will be ­facilitating a series of listening campaigns in the spring with the intention of […]

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Heart & Hands aims to become a non-profit

›› Christina Chan

How do we build ­community wealth by fostering community health? By focusing on providing accessible, inclusive services for the public good over profits.

Heart & Hands Health Collective is a grassroots community acupuncture and holistic health clinic, founded in October 2010. We have become an essential holistic health care service and referral hub in […]

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Greater Victoria Acting Together

Restoring civil ­society, reweaving our common stories

›› Chet Phillips

Whether we’re talking neighborhoods or nations, it’s hard to believe we participate in a common story unless we also feel invited to play a meaningful role in the telling, in the dialogues and decisions that weave together a sense of shared meaning in the world.

Greater Victoria Acting […]

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Healthy food for families

Stories from the Gift of Good Food program and how it has impacted local families

›› Mila Czemerys

“I’m a single dad with a 13-year-old boy. Receiving the Gift of Good Food every two weeks for my son and myself has been amazing! The cost of food these days—and produce—I see it going up all the time. […]

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New ED on the block

›› Chantille Viaud

When I was in London a couple of years ago, I dragged my friend all the way across town because I wanted to see the place that had started what is now an ­international movement. It’s called Toynbee Hall, it’s in East London, and it was the world’s first neighbourhood house, a place […]

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Land swap between School District 61 and City of Victoria approved

›› Fernwood NRG

On the 25th of November, the Trustees of School District 61 (SD61) approved a land swap for various properties near Vic High. As reported in the April 2019 Village Vibe, this ­rationalizes a patchwork of land title and allows the School District to complete a land assembly. Ownership of Haegert Park, the land […]

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