>> Kimberly Dean

Writing this on the afternoon before participating in a live speed painting competition Paint Blank, I was reflecting on how scary painting might be in front of an audience if I didn’t feel like my most honest self. Especially, when I am faced with a blank canvas in front of me and handfuls of paint.

I felt comforted by the thought of speed painting being a much-needed breath of fresh air to the typical ‘bar culture’. Few things are more satisfying than letting creativity flow through me and then sharing that moment with others.

With every brushstroke, the crowd offers guesses as to what the final pieces would become. There seems to be great satisfaction in uncovering the artist’s mind before seeing it come to life.

As I painted, I thought about how much I would love to see how this design would look on fabric. My mind has been in a fashion cloud since launching a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. This spring we are building our first collection for Free Maple, a Women’s lifestyle fashion label, promoting conscious consumerism and sustainable business practices, crafted with love and integrity in Canada.

Lending my art to fashion is thrilling because when art is worn, the wearer gives it new life. I could hardly wait to see our clothes on people. I had to remind myself to fully bask in the richness of this process. Collaborating over great ideas and activating a more self-organizing commerce structure enables a new wave of “creative gatekeepers”: The People. Your neighbours.

It felt absolutely electric to showcase a project to the world. This is one of the many pleasures in living as an artist at a time when we have so many tools available to us to easily connect with like-minded people over visions for a positive world. Check out our campaign on Indiegogo and if you like what we represent, contributions are happily accepted until April 20, 2014.

At Templed Mind Studio Gallery (2006 Fernwood Rd), we co-create projects for the community, provided by the community. We love and intentionally represent teachers, mentors, facilitators, and hosts who have authentic perspectives, visions and mastered crafts. What do you want to share with the world?

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