Thank you for your years of work as our Board Member at Fernwood NRG

>> Kathryn Juricic

Fernwood NRG is a non-profit organization with a dedicated Board of Directors. One of whom, we are sad but excited to announce, is heading East to pursue a career in Law, attending Osgoode for Law School. Fernwood NRG Board Member and friend, Geoff Cross, is departing the neighbourhood. His commitment to our neighbourhood has been greatly appreciated.

Geoff has been on the Board for Fernwood NRG for 3 years with a dedication to affordable housing and youthful voice. You may know Geoff from selling tickets at FernFest, or knocking on your door canvassing for Fernwood NRG’s most recent plan at 1310 Gladstone. He is always first to volunteer and his advocacy holds true to the values and missions of the neighbourhood.

In asking Geoff to reminisce about some favourite memories at the NRG, he mentioned the affordability focus in housing and supporting families, as well as access to healthy food mentioning the effectiveness of the Good Food Box as a “big buyers club.”

Geoff also works towards affordability advocacy and housing undertaking outreach and policy for the Dandelion Society. I’ve even caught him backstage at a mini show on opening night at The Belfry Theatre or at Theatre SKAM’s SKAMpede playing bass for his partner’s theatre company, Zopyra Theatre.

All these things combined, we wanted to write a special goodbye for Geoff, and thank him for his dedication to Fernwood NRG and advocacy work for those in need. Here’s hoping he comes back!