Owl Designer Fair 2013

Over 30 vendors will be showcasing their goods at the Owl Designer Fair


The Owl Designer Fair is one of ­Victoria’s most creative holiday fairs. All items are ­handmade or upcycled by local artists and designers. Live music, workshops, and unique gifts make this show a must for ­anyone looking for some style in their Christmas shopping.

Live performances by Mark Ednie, Sarah Elizabeth, Deer & Coyote, Jessica Benini, Joey Clarkson, and Shauna Janz. Workshops hosted by Crossed Heart Forge, Luz Gallery, Toy & Ming, Platinum Floral Designs, and The Makehouse. Workshops are free and you can sign up for them in person at the show—first come, first serve.

Admission is $3 at the door & partial proceeds go to Fernwood NRG. More ­information is available at www.facebook.com/owldesignerfair.


Owl Designer Fair

Mila Czemerys
December 2013
Village Vibe