Richard Walker Food Forestry Level 1

With 26 years of Food Forestry experience, Richard Walker brings the most experience in cold climate edible forests to Victoria. This two and half day workshop is everything you need to know to start creating forests of food. Called, “The best course I’ve ever taken” by more students then trees in the forest, this is not to be missed.
Regular Price $275+GST (Early Sign up Discounts Available) Apr 18-20 2014

Richard Walk Food Forestry Level 2: Medicine from the Food Forest

Not only one of Canada’s most experienced food foresters, Richard Walker is also a master herbalist who’s been helping clients from his food forest to regain their eye sight, remove chronic pain and live happier healthier lives. Learn what Richard is calling “6 months of herbalism” distilled into two and half days of the most value for your tuition.
Regular Price $285+GST (Early Sign up Discounts Available) May 22-24 2014

A portion of the proceeds from the Friday lectures go to Fernwood NRG’s programs and services