The Youth Research and Engagement in Growing Prosperity Project is partnered project with the UVic Centre for Youth and Society the Community Social Planning Council.

This project analyzed the 2006 Census data specifically on youth in the CRD between 15-24 and 24-35 years of age. This project is engaging with local organizations within the CRD and asking youth to respond to the 2006 Census data with solutions to poverty.

Recommendation #2 was to Increase Local Food Initiatives

CFYS would like to present the key facts to young people and facilitate a dialogue on solutions for a more sustainable community economy. Youth were asked to vision what ‘growing prosperity’ means to them and to explore options to alleviating social inequality in the local community.

The solutions and perspectives of the youth consulted are presented in a blog:

This video was made possible by the Spring Ridge Common, an initiative partnered with the Fernwood NRG ( & Transition Victoria Food Group (