›› Mila Czemerys

The community is coming together to raise funds to get fresh fruit and veggies into the hands of those who need it most. There are lots of ways to can jump on board and help out.
Check ‘em out:

1) Buy new glasses at Goo Goo ­Goggles
Do you have benefits you need to use up before the end of the year? Want to look super stylish for the holiday season? Our friends at Goo Goo Goggles are donating a portion of sales from Monday, ­December 5, 12, and 19. Visit them at 761 Fort Street.

2) Have a coffee and doughnut at ­Discovery Coffee on December 5
Discovery Coffee will be donating 5% of the cafe sales on Monday, December 5. Visit any off their locations to get ­caffeinated.

3) Start a fundraising team!
Gift of Good Food Fundraising Teams are integral to our fundraising initiative. This is a fun opportunity for families, offices, sports teams, and groups of friends to come together to use their creativity, build relationships, and raise funds for a meaningful cause. Sign up at ­fernwoodnrg.ca/ggf-fundraising-teams.

4) Get a new haircut at The Natural Hair Salon & donate
Until December 31, The Natural Hair Salon is matching all donations from their clients to the Gift of Good Food.

5) Share!
Share the #GiftofGoodFood on your social media, in your community ­newsletter, on the phone with your friends and family, on the window of your business… Follow @FernwoodNRG for updates!

6) Bid on auction items online
Our Gift of Good Food online auction runs from December 5 to 9. Check out all our awesome items at airauctioneer.com/gift-of-good-food-auction-2022. ­Auction closes on December 9 at 8pm. A huge thank you to all our generous donors! This is a great way to buy gifts for the holidays.

7) Donate as a gift to a pal & give them a card
You can donate as a gift to someone you love and give them one of our Gift of Good Food cards. Donate $20 or more at the front desk of the Fernwood Community Centre and ask for a card.

8) Volunteer!
We would love your help! Get in touch with events@fernwoodnrg.ca to help us spread the word by distributing posters, handbills, and fundraising letters.

9) Host a fundraiser
Throw your own party, sell some stuff, and support your community. What’s ­better than getting together with friends and supporting a local cause?

10) Donate
Go to thegiftofgoodfood.ca/donate or drop by the Fernwood Community Centre to donate in person.